Ash Wednesday

And Jesus said, “What comes out of a man is what defiles a man. ~ Mark 7:21

The Formation of the Heart!

Lent is a time during the year when we are challenged to look at our hearts.  Out of the heart comes evil as the Gospels tell us.  Thus, conversion begins in the heart.  The heart must be focused on God.  Through His loving gaze His love enters into our hearts.  Any attachment keeps our hearts from looking upon His loving face.
One example of this twisted heart is shown in my newest blog post.  The link to that is below via the blue button.  The devil can easily twist our heart to the point of using acts of charity as a means for self satisfaction.  Yet, our Lord never tires calling out to us in love.  Trust in His love for you.  Return to His loving gaze.
Coveting the Poor: Dangers of a Twisted Heart

Newest Article

Here is my newest article on the Catholic Stand!  It is called The Dangers of Hollowed-Out Mercy! It talks about our ability to abuse the mercy of God.  Within the article I offer some guidance to follow the will of God.

The Poison of the Pharisees

A recent blog post from me about the true danger to our soul when our hearts become like that of the Pharisees.  The link is below.

Read it today!

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