Dear children, the enemies will act and the light of truth will fade in many places. I suffer for what comes to you. The Church of My Jesus will experience Calvary. This is the time of sorrows for men and women of faith. Do not retreat. Stay with Jesus and defend His Church. Do not depart from the truth taught by the true Magisterium of the Church of My Jesus. Testify without fear that you are of My Jesus. Love and defend the truth. You are living in a worse time than in the time of the Flood. Great spiritual blindness has penetrated the House of God and My poor children walk like the blind leading the blind. Always remember: In God there is no half-truth. Bend your knees in prayer. Trust fully in the Power of God, for only in this way can you attain victory. Onward without fear.—Message of Our Lady Queen of Peace allegedly to Pedro Regis, Brazlândia, Brasília, February 26, 2019. Pedro enjoys the support of his bishop.

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