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Advent Day 9: Anxiety About the Future
Reflect: Being worried and anxious about the future is a common part of human nature. We try to prepare for the unknown, and try to have some control over its outcome. Why does God want us to stop having anxiety about the future? Because God wants us to trust Him. He wants us to trust and believe the truth that

He will take care of our every need. Trusting the future to His providence frees us from looking ahead, and focuses us on God’s presence here and now. God wants to bless and love us in the present moment, and always looking to the future robs us (and God) of the gift He wants to give us.

Share: Make a list of your current anxieties and worries, particularly those that are about your future. Pray over each one and ask God to deliver you from that anxiety. Share this video with someone you know who struggles with anxiety over their future.

Pray: Pray the Litany of Trust. Download it here.

Watch the video featuring Sr. Peter Marie, O.P.

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Today’s Daily Scripture Reflection featuring Brian Kissinger can be found HERE.


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