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Suffering is part of Jesus’ mission. His power to effect conversion stems from the fact that he is ready to endure the hatred of those he loves. He can conquer this hatred only by a love that is all the greater, a love that is stronger than death.

Mark Mallett




BEFORE the Blessed Sacrament, the words “Faustina’s Creed” came to mind as I read the following from St. Faustina’s Diary. I have edited the original entry to make it more succinct and general for all vocations. It is a beautiful “rule” especially for lay men and women, indeed anyone who strives to live these tenets…




















St. Faustina (d. 1934 A.D), Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, n. 226-227

First published on May 7th, 2007. 


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Mark Mallett




Before I come as the just Judge, I am coming first as the King of Mercy.
Jesus to St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, n. 83


SOMETHING stunning, powerful, hopeful, sobering, and inspiring emerges once we filter the message of Jesus to St. Faustina through Sacred Tradition. That, and we simply take Jesus at His word—that with these revelations to St. Faustina, they mark a period known as the “end times”:

Speak to the world about My mercy; let all mankind recognize My unfathomable mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the Day of Justice. —Jesus to St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, n. 848

And as I explained in The Day of Justicethe “end times” according to the early Church Fathers is not the imminent end of the world, but the end of an age and dawning of a new day in the Church—the final stages of her corporate preparation to enter eternity as a Bride[1]  The Day of Justice, then, is not the very last day of the world, but an interim period that, according to the Magisterium, is a triumphant period of sanctity:

If before that final end there is to be a period, more or less prolonged, of triumphant sanctity, such a result will be brought about not by the apparition of the person of Christ in Majesty but by the operation of those powers of sanctification which are now at work, the Holy Ghost and the Sacraments of the Church. —The Teaching of the Catholic Church: A Summary of Catholic Doctrine, London Burns Oates & Washbourne, p. 1140, from the Theological Commission of 1952, which is a Magisterial document.

Therefore, it is fascinating how the Book of Revelation and Faustina’s message emerge as one and the same…



The Book of Revelation is wrought with colorful symbolism. Taking it too literally has led to actual heresies where, for instance, some Christians have wrongly anticipated that Jesus would return to reign in the flesh for a literal “thousand years” on earth. The Church has rejected this heresy of “millenarianism” from the beginning (see Millenarianism—What it is, and is Not).

…millenarianism is that thought which stems from a too literal, incorrect, and faulty interpretation of Chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation…. This can only be understood in a spiritual sense. —Catholic Encyclopedia Revised, Thomas Nelson, p. 387

Thus, when we read of Jesus coming as a “rider on a white horse,” this is rich symbolism. But it’s not empty symbolism. St. Faustina’s revelations actually give the most powerful meaning to it.

Again, Jesus said: “Before I come as the just Judge, I am coming first as the King of Mercy.” What is fascinating is that we can see this “King” appear like this in the Book of Revelation: a king, at first, of mercy, and then justice.

Jesus comes as the King of Mercy in Revelation Ch. 6 at the proximate beginning of what Jesus described in Matthew 24 as the “labor pains,” which mirror St. John’s “seven seals.” As a brief sidenote… there have always been wars, famines, tribulations and natural disasters. If that is the case, then why would Jesus use them as indicators of the “end times”? The answer lies in the phrase “labor pains.”That is to say that such events will markedly increase, multiply, and intensify toward the end.

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be famines and earthquakes from place to place. All these are the beginning of the labor pains. (Matt 24:7)

As I wrote in The Great Day of Lightwe read of a Rider on a white horse heralding these coming tribulations:

I looked, and there was a white horse, and its rider had a bow. He was given a crown, and he rode forth victorious to further his victories. (6:1-2)

There have been many interpretations as to who this rider is—from the Antichrist, to an Islamic Jihadist, to a Great Monarch, etc. But here, let’s listen again to Pope Pius XII:

He is Jesus Christ. The inspired evangelist [St. John] not only saw the devastation brought about by sin, war, hunger and death; he also saw, in the first place, the victory of Christ. —Address, November 15, 1946; footnote of The Navarre Bible, “Revelation”, p.70

This is such a powerful message of consolation. Jesus is extending His mercy to mankind at this time, even as men apparently destroy the planet and one another. For the same pope once said:

The sin of the century is the loss of the sense of sin. —1946 address to the United States Catechetical Congress

Even now, the message of Divine Mercy is spreading all over the world as we enter the darkest hours of this vigil. If we identify the rider in Chapter Six of Revelation as the King of Mercy, then a message of hope suddenly emerges: even in the breaking of the seals and the onset of unspeakable man-made disasters and catastrophes, Jesus the King of kings, will still be working to save souls; the time of mercy does not end in tribulation, but is perhaps particularly manifest in it. Indeed, as I wrote in Mercy in Chaosand as we know from countless stories of people who have had near-death experiences, God often affords them an instant “judgment” or preview of their life that flashes before their eyes. This has often led to “quick” conversions in many. In fact, Jesus shoots the arrows of His mercy even into souls who are moments from eternity:

God’s mercy sometimes touches the sinner at the last moment in a wondrous and mysterious way. Outwardly, it seems as if everything were lost, but it is not so. The soul, illumined by a ray of God’s powerful final grace, turns to God in the last moment with such a power of love that, in an instant, it receives from God forgiveness of sin and punishment, while outwardly it shows no sign either of repentance or of contrition, because souls [at that stage] no longer react to external things. Oh, how beyond comprehension is God’s mercy! But—horror!—there are also souls who voluntarily and consciously reject and scorn this grace! Although a person is at the point of death, the merciful God gives the soul that interior vivid moment, so that if the soul is willing, it has the possibility of returning to God. But sometimes, the obduracy in souls is so great that consciously they choose hell; they [thus] make useless all the prayers that other souls offer to God for them and even the efforts of God Himself… —Diary of St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, n. 1698

So, while we might see the future as bleak, God, who has an eternal perspective, sees the coming tribulations as perhaps the only way to save souls from eternal perdition.

The last thing I want to point out here is that we should not interpret this first appearance of the Rider upon the white horse as a sole actor. No, these “victories” of Jesus are primarily through us, His Mystical Body. As St. Victorinus said,

The first seal being opened, [St. John] says that he saw a white horse, and a crowned horseman having a bow… He sent the Holy Spirit, whose words the preachers sent forth as arrows reaching to the human heart, that they might overcome unbelief. —Commentary on the Apocalypse, Ch. 6:1-2

Thus, the Church can identify herself also with the Rider upon the white horse because she shares in Christ’s own mission, and thus, wears a crown as well:

I am coming quickly. Hold fast to what you have, so that no one may take your crown. (Revelation 3:11)



If the crowned Rider in Chapter Six is foremost Jesus coming in mercy, then the reprisal of the Rider upon a white horse appearing again in Revelation Chapter Nineteen is the fulfillment of St. Faustina’s prophecy whereby Jesus will eventually act as the “King of Justice”:

Write: before I come as a just Judge, I first open wide the door of My mercy. He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice... —Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary of St. Faustina, n. 1146

Indeed, it is no longer the arrows of mercy but the sword of justice being wielded this time by the Rider:

Then I saw the heavens opened, and there was a white horse; its rider was [called] “Faithful and True.” He judges and wages war in righteousness…. Out of his mouth came a sharp sword to strike the nations… He has a name written on his cloak and on his thigh, “King of kings and Lord of lords.” (Rev 19:11, 16)

This Rider pronounces judgment on the “beast” and all those who take his “mark.” But, as the early Church Fathers taught, this “judgment of the living” is not the end of the world, but the end of a long age and the beginning of theDay of the Lord, understood in symbolic language as a “thousand years”, which is simply a “period, more or less prolonged” of peace.

Therefore, the Son of the most high and mighty God… shall have destroyed unrighteousness, and executed His great judgment, and shall have recalled to life the righteous, who… will be engaged among men a thousand years, and will rule them with most just command… Also the prince of devils, who is the contriver of all evils, shall be bound with chains, and shall be imprisoned during the thousand years of the heavenly rule… Before the end of the thousand years the devil shall be loosed afresh and shall assemble all the pagan nations to make war against the holy city… “Then the last anger of God shall come upon the nations, and shall utterly destroy them” and the world shall go down in a great conflagration. —4th century Ecclesiastical writer, Lactantius, “The Divine Institutes”, The ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol 7, p. 211

Note: the “resurrection” spoken of by St. John during this period is also symbolic of a restoration of God’s People in the Divine Will. See The Resurrection of the Church. 



There’s been a lot of information this past week. I apologize for the length of these recent writings. So let me briefly conclude on a practical note that is also a burning word on my heart.

All of us can see that the Storm winds are intensifiying, events multiplying, and major developments emerging as if we are getting closer to the Eye of the StormI am not interested in predicting dates. I will just say this: do not take your soul for granted. In Hell Unleashed written five years ago, I warned that we all need to be very careful about opening the door to sin, even venial sin. Something has changed. The “margin of error,” so to speak, is gone. Either one is going to be for God, or against Him. The choice must be made; the dividing lines are being formed.

The world is rapidly being divided into two camps, the comradeship of anti-Christ and the brotherhood of Christ. The lines between these two are being drawn.  —Venerable Archbishop Fulton John Sheen, D.D. (1895-1979), source unknown

Moreover, the lukewarm are being revealed, and they are being spat out—Jesus says this much in Revelation 3:16. Just as God only “tolerated” the stubbornness of the Israelites for a time before turning them over to the unlawful desires of their hearts, so too I believe the Lord has “lifted the restrainer” in our times. This is why we are seeing a literal explosion of demonic activity such that exorcists all over the world are overrun. It’s why we are daily seeing bizarre and random acts of brutal violence, and judges and politicians acting in lawlessness.[2]  It’s why we are seeing the Death of Logic and truly stunning contradictions, such as feminists defending the destruction of unborn women or politicians arguing for infanticide. If we are nearing the Day of Justice, then we are likely living in the time of the “strong delusion” St. Paul speaks of that precedes and accompanies the coming of the Antichrist.

The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (2 Thess 2:9-12)

If the baptized think they can go on indulging in sin without any consequences, then they too are deluded. The Lord has shown in my own life that the “little sins” that I had taken for granted can serve up significant consequences: a sharp loss of peace in my heart, greater vulnerability to demonic harassment, loss of harmony in the home, etc. Sound familiar at all? I say this with love to all of us: repent and live the Good News.

With that, I cite again a very powerful message allegedly from St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de María of Costa Rica, whose messages are backed by her bishop:

IT IS NECESSARY FOR THE PEOPLE OF OUR KING AND LORD JESUS CHRIST TO UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS A DECISIVE INSTANT, and that therefore evil is using all the tricks it possesses among its vile weapons in order to muddy the minds of the children of God. Those whom he finds lukewarm in faith, he induces to fall into harmful actions, and in this way he places chains on them more easily so that they are his slaves.

Our Lord and King Jesus Christ loves all of you and does not want you to compromise with evil. Do not fall into the snares of Satan: this moment, this instant is decisive. Do not forget Divine Mercy, even if the sea is stirred up with the greatest of storms and the waves rise on the boat that is each one of God’s children, there exists the great work of mercy in men, there is a “give and it will be given unto you “(Lk 6:38), otherwise, the one who does not forgive becomes his own inner enemy, his own death sentence. —April 30th, 2019



Seven Seals of Revolution

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The Great Refuge and Safe Harbour



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Jon Leonetti


If you’ve ever heard me speak, then you know of my love and admiration for St. Teresa of Calcutta.
She was prayerful, humble, knowledgeable, and feisty (the perfect recipe for sanctity).
And over and over again she would remind her sisters what it takes to be a saint––”God does not call us to be successful, but to be faithful.”
See, for Mother, it wasn’t success in our worldly endeavors that would get us to Heaven (plenty of saints were not successful by society’s standards). Rather, for Mother, it was putting our faith in God that saves us.
Let’s ask God today to give us this faith that saves.
Friends, be confident in Christ’s mercy and love.
“In my deepest wound I saw your glory, Lord, and it dazzled me.” (St. Augustine)

St. Michael the Archangel


It is necessary for the people of our King and Lord Jesus Christ to understand that this is a decisive moment… Remain alert, the sacrifice pleasing to God is the one that hurts the most. In the Warning, you will see yourselves as you are, therefore you should not wait, convert now! From the universe there comes a great unexpected threat to humanity: faith is indispensable.  —St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de María, April 30th, 2019

Mark Mallett





Now I am sending to you Elijah the prophet,
before the day of the Lord comes,
the great and terrible day;
He will turn the heart of fathers to their sons,
and the heart of sons to their fathers,
lest I come and strike the land with utter destruction.
(Mal 3:23-24)


PARENTS understand that, even when you have a rebellious prodigal, your love for that child never ends. It only hurts that much more. You just want that child to “come home” and find themselves again. That’s why, before the Day of Justice, God, our loving Father, is going to give the prodigals of this generation one last opportunity to return home—to board “the Ark”—before this present Storm purifies the earth.

Before I come as the just Judge, I am coming first as the King of Mercy. Before the Day of Justice arrives, there will be given to people a sign in the heavens of this sort: All light in the heavens will be extinguished, and there will be great darkness over the whole earth. Then the sign of the cross will be seen in the sky, and from the openings where the hands and the feet of the Savior were nailed will come forth great lights which will light up the earth for a period of time. This will take place shortly before the last day.
Jesus to St. Faustina, Diary of Divine Mercy, Diary, n. 83

My Mother is Noah’s Ark… —Jesus to Elizabeth Kindelmann, The Flame of Love, p. 109; Imprimatur Archbishop Charles Chaput

I am going to draw upon dozens of writings to summarize (as briefly as I can) the Great Day of Light that is coming upon the earth before the “last day”, which as I explained in the Day of Justice, is not a twenty-four day but an extended “period of peace” according to Scripture, Tradition, and the prophetic lights of Heaven (a certain maturity in discernment is needed by the reader to understand how we approach “private revelation” in the context of the Public Revelation of the Church. See Prophecy Properly Understood and Can You Ignore Private Revelation?).



Near the beginning of this writing apostolate some thirteen years ago, I was standing in a farmer’s field watching a storm approach. At that moment, I sensed in my heart the words: “A Great Storm, like a hurricane, is coming over the earth.” That one sentence forms the entire “template” of everything else I’ve written here since it is, most importantly, also a template of Sacred Tradition, according to the early Church Fathers.

Shortly after, I was drawn to read Chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation. I immediately felt that the Lord was showing me the first half of the Storm. I began to read the “breaking of the seals”:

The First Seal:

I looked, and there was a white horse, and its rider had a bow. He was given a crown, and he rode forth victorious to further his victories. (6:1-2)

This Rider, according to Sacred Tradition, is the Lord Himself.

He is Jesus Christ. The inspired evangelist [St. John] not only saw the devastation brought about by sin, war, hunger and death; he also saw, in the first place, the victory of Christ.—POPE PIUS XII, Address, November 15, 1946; footnote of The Navarre Bible, “Revelation”, p.70

Since this “time of mercy” we are presently living in, which began at Fatima in 1917, we have seen so many incredible victories of God over the past century, despite the accompanying sorrows. We see the spread of Marian devotion and Our Lady’s continued presence in her apparitions, both which lead souls closer to Jesus; [1] we see the dissemination of the messages of Divine Mercy,[2] the fruits of the Charismatic Renewal,[3] the birth of thousands of lay apostolates,[4] the new apologetics movement led in large part by Mother Angelica’s world-wide EWTN,[5] the powerful pontificate of John Paul II that gave us the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the “Theology of the Body,” and most notably, an army of young authentic witnesses through World Youth Days.[6] Even though the Church is passing through a Winter,[7] these victories are rightly dubbed the buds of a coming “new springtime” after the Storm.

The first seal being opened, [St. John] says that he saw a white horse, and a crowned horseman having a bow… He sent the Holy Spirit, whose words the preachers sent forth as arrows reaching to the human heart, that they might overcome unbelief. —St. Victorinus, Commentary on the Apocalypse, Ch. 6:1-2

The Second Sealis an event or series of events that, according to St. John, “take peace away from the earth, so that people would slaughter one another.” [8] See The Hour of the Sword where I address this seal in detail.

The Third Seal: “A ration of wheat costs a day’s pay…” [9] Very simply, this seal speaks of hyper-inflation due to economic collapse, food shortages, etc. The mystic, Servant of God Maria Esperanza once said, “[God’s] justice will begin in Venezuela.” [10] Is Venezuela a microcosm and warning of what is coming upon the world?

The Fourth Sealthe global revolution set off by war, economic collapse, and chaos leads to massive deaths by the “sword, famine, and plague.” More than one virus, whether it’s Ebola, Avian Flu, the Black Plague, or “superbugs” emerging at the end of this anti-biotic era, are poised to spread world-wide. A global pandemic has been expected for some time now. It is often amidst disasters that viruses spread most rapidly.

The Fifth SealSt. John sees a vision of “souls who had been slaughtered” crying out for justice.[11] Remarkably, St. John later recounts those who are “beheaded” for their faith. Who would have thought that beheadings in 2019 would be commonplace, as they have become in the Middle East and northern Africa? Several organizations are reporting that, right now, Christianity is undergoing its greatest persecution ever in our times,[12] even reaching “genocidal” levels. [13]

Now, brothers and sisters, as I was reading through these seals back then, I was thinking, “Lord, if this Storm is like a hurricane, would there not be an eye of the storm?” Then I read:

The Sixth SealThe Sixth Seal is broken—a global earthquake, a Great Shaking occurs as the heavens are peeled back, and the judgment of God is perceived in everyone’ssoul, whether kings or generals, rich or poor. What did they see that caused them to cry out to the mountains and rocks:

Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who is seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand before it? (Rev 6:15-17)

If you go back one chapter, you’ll find St. John’s description of this Lamb:

I saw a Lamb standing, as though it had been slain… (Rev 5:6)

That is, it is Christ crucified.

Then the sign of the cross will be seen in the sky… Jesus to St. Faustina, Diary of Divine Mercy,Diary, n. 83

Everyone feels as if they have entered the final Judgment. But it’s not. It’s a Warning at the threshold of the Day of the Lord… it’s the Eye of the Storm.


Here is where prophetic revelation further illuminates the Public Revelation of the Church. A similar vision to St. Faustina’s was given to a lesser-known American seer, Jennifer, whose messages—after being presented to John Paul II—were encouraged by his Polish Secretariat of State to be spread “to the world any way you can.”[14]

The sky is dark and it seems as though it is night but my heart tells me it is sometime in the afternoon. I see the sky opening up and I can hear long, drawn out claps of thunder. When I look up I see Jesus bleeding on the cross and people are falling to their knees. Jesus then tells me, “They will see their soul as I see it.” I can see the wounds so clearly on Jesus and Jesus then says, “They will see each wound they have added to My Most Sacred Heart.” To the left I see the Blessed Mother weeping and then Jesus speaks to me again and says, “Prepare, prepare now for the time is soon approaching. My child, pray for the many souls who will perish because of their selfish and sinful ways.” As I look up I see the drops of blood falling from Jesus and hitting the earth. I see millions of people from nations from all lands. Many seemed confused as they were looking up toward the sky. Jesus says, “They are in search of light for it should not be a time of darkness, yet it is the darkness of sin that covers this earth and the only light will be that of which I come with, for mankind does not realize the awakening that is about to be bestowed upon him. This will be the greatest purification since the beginning of creation. —see, September 12, 2003

Centuries before, St. Edmund Campion declared:

I pronounced a great day… wherein the terrible Judge should reveal all men’s consciences and try every man of each kind of religion. This is the day of change, this is the Great Day which I threatened, comfortable to the well-being, and terrible to all heretics. —Cobett’s Complete Collection of State Trials, Vol. I, p. 1063

His words were echoed in what Servant of God Maria Esperanza would later say:

The consciences of this beloved people must be violently shaken so that they may “put their house in order”… A great moment is approaching, a great day of light… it is the hour of decision for mankind. —Ibid, P. 37 (Volumne 15-n.2, Featured Article from

That’s why this is the Eye of the Storm—a pause in the chaos; a cease of the destructive winds, and a flood of light in the midst of great darkness. It is an opportunity for individual souls to either choose God and follow His commandments—or to reject Him. Hence, after the next seal is broken…

The Seventh Seal:

…there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. (Rev 8:1)

The preceding seals are nothing other than man reaping what he has sown: the first half of the Storm is his own making:

When they sow the wind, they will reap the whirlwind… (Hosea 8:7)

But now, God must intervene before man, himself, wipes out the whole of humanity through the destructive powers he has unleashed. But before the Lord releases divine chastisements to purify the earth of the unrepentant, He instructs the angels to hold back just a little longer:

Then I saw another angel ascend from the rising of the sun, with the seal of the living God, and he called with a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm earth and sea, “Do not damage the land or the sea or the trees until we put the seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.” (Revelation 7:2)

It is the hour of decision. God the Father is giving everyone the best opportunity possible to repent, to come home like the prodigal son so that He may wrap His arms around them in love and clothe them in dignity. St. Faustina experienced such an “illumination of conscience”:

Suddenly I saw the complete condition of my soul as God sees it. I could clearly see all that is displeasing to God. I did not know that even the smallest transgressions will have to be accounted for. What a moment! Who can describe it? To stand before the Thrice-Holy-God! —St. Faustina;Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, n.36


In locutions that bear the Imprimatur, Our Lady relayed to the late Fr. Stefano Gobbi:

The Holy Spirit will come to establish the glorious reign of Christ and it will be a reign of grace, of holiness, of love, of justice and of peace. With His divine love, He will open the doors of hearts and illuminate all consciences. Every person will see himself in the burning fire of divine truth. It will be like a judgment in miniature. And then Jesus Christ will bring His glorious reign in the world.To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, May 22nd, 1988

Indeed, if you think again of that rider on the “white horse” of the first seal, then this “judgment in miniature” is nothing but the final arrows fired into the hearts of every man, woman and child before the purification of the world and an Era of Peace. This “light” is the fire of the Holy Spirit.

And when [the Holy Spirit] comes he will convict the world in regard to sin and righteousness and condemnation: sin, because they do not believe in me; righteousness, because I am going to the Father and you will no longer see me; condemnation, because the ruler of this world has been condemned. (John 16:8-11)

Or, in other messages to Elizabeth Kindelmann, this grace is called the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart.[15] Here, Our Lady suggests that this “illumination” has already begun to a certain degree in the same way that, even before the sun rises, the light of dawn begins to dispel the darkness. Indeed, I am hearing from many souls lately how they are going through the most painful interior purifications, if not actually experiencing a sudden illumination exactly as St. Faustina did.

This Flame full of blessings springing from my Immaculate Heart, and that I am giving you, must go from heart to heart. It will be the Great Miracle of light blinding Satan… The torrential flood of blessings about to jolt the world must begin with the small number of the most humble souls. Each person getting this message should receive it as an invitation and no one should take offense nor ignore it… —see

But as God the Father allegedly revealed to another American seer, Barbara Rose Centilli (whose messages are under diocesan evaluation), this Warning is not the end of the Storm, but the separation of the weeds from the wheat:

To overcome the tremendous effects of generations of sin, I must send the power to break through and transform the world. But this surge of power will be uncomfortable, even painful for some. This will cause the contrast between darkness and light to become even greater. —from the four volumes Seeing With the Eyes of the Soul, November 15th, 1996; as quoted in The Miracle of the Illumination of Conscience by Dr. Thomas W. Petrisko, p. 53

In a message from the Heavenly Father to Matthew Kelly, He allegedly said:

Out of My infinite Mercy I will provide a mini-judgment. It will be painful, very painful, but short. You will see your sins, you will see how much you offend Me every day. I know that you think this sounds like a very good thing, but unfortunately, even this won’t bring the whole world into My love. Some people will turn even further away from Me, they will be proud and stubborn…. Those who repent will be given an unquenchable thirst for this light… All those who love Me will join to help form the heel that crushes Satan. —from The Miracle of the Illumination of Conscience by Dr. Thomas W. Petrisko, p.96-97

This Warning or “illumination of conscience,” then, is not the end of Satan’s reign, but a certain breaking of his power in millions of souls. It is the Prodigal Hour when many will return home. As such, this Divine Light of the Holy Spirit will expel much darkness; the Flame of Love will blind Satan; it will be a mass exorcism of the “dragon” unlike anything the world has known such that it will already be the beginning of the reign of the Kingdom of the Divine Will in the hearts of many of His saints.

Now have salvation and power come, and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Anointed. For the accuser of our brothers is cast out… But woe to you, earth and sea, for the Devil has come down to you in great fury, for he knows he has but a short time… Then the dragon became angry with the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring, those who keep God’s commandments and bear witness to Jesus. It took its position on the sand of the sea… To [the beast] the dragon gave its own power and throne, along with great authority. (Rev 12:10-13:2)

Decisions have been made; sides have been chosen; the Eye of the Storm has passed. Now comes the “final confrontation” of this era, the last half of the Storm.

 …the elect will have to fight against the Prince of Darkness. It will be a terrible storm. Rather, it will be a hurricane which will want to de­stroy the faith and confidence of even the elect. In this terrible tur­moil currently brewing up, you will see the brightness of my Flame of Love illuminating Heaven and earth by the effusion of its effect of grace I am passing on to souls in this dark night. —Our Lady to Elizabeth Kindelmann, The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: The Spiritual Diary, Kindle Edition, Locations 2998-3000. In June of 2009, Cardinal Peter Erdo, Archbishop of Budapest and President of the Council of Episcopal Conferences of Europe, gave his Imprimaturauthorizing the publication of the messages given over a twenty year span.

We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the Gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the antichrist. This confrontation lies within the plans of divine Providence; it is a trial which the whole Church, and the Polish Church in particular, must take up. It is a trial of not only our nation and the Church, but in a sense a test of 2,000 years of culture and Christian civilization, with all of its consequences for human dignity, individual rights, human rights and the rights of nations. —Cardinal Karol Wojtyla (JOHN PAUL II ), at the Eucharistic Congress, Philadelphia, PA for the bicentennial celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence; some citations of this passage include the words “Christ and the antichrist” as above. Deacon Keith Fournier, an attendee, reports it as above; cf. Catholic Online; August 13, 1976

What follows is not the end of the world but the beginning of a new era in which the Our Father will be fulfilled. The Kingdom will come and His will be done “on earth as it is in heaven” by way of a new Pentecost. As Fr. Gobbi explained:

Brother priests, this [Kingdom of the Divine Will], however, is not possible if, after the victory obtained over Satan, after having removed the obstacle because his [Satan’s] power has been destroyed… this cannot happen, except by a most special outpouring of the Holy Spirit: the Second Pentecost. —

I have shown mankind the true depth of My mercy and the final proclamation will come when I shine My light into the souls of mankind. This world will be in the midst of a chastisement for so willingly turning against its Creator. When you reject love you reject Me. When you reject Me, you reject love, for I am Jesus. Peace will never come forth when evil is prevailing in the hearts of men. I will come and weed out one by one those who choose darkness, and those who choose light will remain.—Jesus to Jennifer, Words from Jesus; April 25th, 2005;

I have compiled several quotes from the popes of the past century who speak of the dawn of this coming new Era of Peace. See The Popes, and the Dawning Era

After purification through trial and suffering, the dawn of a new era is about to break. POPE ST. JOHN PAUL II, General Audience, September 10, 2003



It is not enough to simply know about such things; we have to respond to them with the heart. If you are reading this, it is a call to conversion. It is a call to prepare your heart for this final battle at the end of this era that is already underway. To that effect, even the Archangels are engaged in this hour. In another message to Ms. Centilli, St. Raphael allegedly said:

The day of the Lord approaches. All must be prepared. Ready yourselves in body, mind, and soul. Purify yourselves. —Ibid., February 16th, 1998

Recently, St. Michael the Archangel allegedly gave a powerful message to the Costa Rican seer Luz de María (she enjoys the approval of her bishop). The Archangel states that there is still time before the chastisements, but that we need to realize that Satan has pulled out all the stops in order to trick each of us into serious sin, and thus, to become his slaves. He states:

It is necessary for the people of our King and Lord Jesus Christ to understand that this is a descisive moment… Remain alert, the sacrifice pleasing to God is the one that hurts the most. In the Warning, you will see yourselves as you are, therefore you should not wait, convert now! From the universe there comes a great unexpected threat to humanity: faith is indispensable.  —St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de María, April 30th, 2019

That last sentence hints that, what is coming, will be “like a thief in the night.”  That we can’t put off till tomorrow what we ought to do today. In fact, it’s interesting that this message alludes to some cosmic event from space. If you go back to the sixth seal, it speaks of this Warning occurring in the middle of the day—and something concomitant in the stars: [16]

…the sun turned as black as dark sackcloth and the whole moon became like blood. The stars in the sky fell to the earth like unripe figs shaken loose from the tree in a strong wind. (Rev 6:12-12)

It’s symbolic language, and so I don’t think we should waste too much time speculating, though author Daniel O’Connor makes an interesting observation on a coming cosmic event in 2022 here. The point is that we are living in a “time of mercy” that is going to end, and possibly sooner than we think. Whether I live to see this Great Day of Light, or whether I die in my sleep tonight, I ought to be prepared at all times to meet my Judge and Creator face to Face.

In a blunt but insightful exhortation, American priest Fr. Bossat said:

… you are going to burn for all eternity! The question is not whether or not you will burn but rather how do you want to burn? I choose to burn like the stars in the sky like the descendants of Abraham and being on fire with the love of God and for souls! You can still choose to burn the other way but I really don’t recommend it! Start burning in the direction you desire to go and take off like a rocket, taking as many souls with you to Heaven. Don’t let your soul become cold and lukewarm because this just becomes kindling fuel which will eventually be burnt up anyway like chaff… As a priest I command you in the Name of Christ to burn everyone and everything around you with the Love of God… This a command given to you already by God Himself: “Love the Lord thy God with all of your heart, with all of your mind, and all of your strength and love one another, even your enemies, as I have loved you… with the Fire of My Love.” —Newsletter, Cukierski Family, May 5th, 2019

With that, I close with a personal “word” I received eleven years ago while in the presence of my spiritual director. I submit it here again for the discernment of the Church:

Little ones, do not think that because you, the remnant, are small in number means that you are special. Rather, you are chosen. You are chosen to bring the Good News to the world at the appointed hour. This is the Triumph for which my Heart awaits with great anticipation. All is set now. All is in motion. The hand of my Son is ready to move in the most sovereign way. Pay careful attention to my voice. I am preparing you, my little ones, for this Great Hour of Mercy. Jesus is coming, coming as Light, to awaken souls steeped in darkness. For the darkness is great, but the Light is far greater. When Jesus comes, much will come to light, and the darkness will be scattered. It is then that you will be sent, like the Apostles of old, to gather souls into my Motherly garments. Wait. All is ready. Watch and pray. Never lose hope, for God loves everyone.




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The Love of Christ


 My dear brothers and sons, fruit of the true faith and holy seed of heaven, all you who have been born again in Christ and whose life is from above, listen to me; or rather, listen to the Holy Spirit saying through me: Sing to the Lord a new song. Look, you tell me, I am singing. Yes indeed, you are singing; you are singing clearly, I can hear you. But make sure that your life does not contradict your words. Sing with your voices, your hearts, your lips and your lives: Sing to the Lord a new song.
  Now it is your unquestioned desire to sing of him whom you love, but you ask me how to sing his praises. You have heard the words: Sing to the Lord a new song, and you wish to know what praises to sing. The answer is: His praise is in the assembly of the saints; it is in the singers themselves. If you desire to praise him, then live what you express. Live good lives, and you yourselves will be his praise.
℟. Christ was raised from death by the glorious power of the Father: let us, too, live a new life,* and let us love one another just as he commanded us, alleluia.
℣. Let us sing a song to the Lord, let us sing a new song to our God,* and let us love one another just as he commanded us, alleluia.

Mark Mallett





I saw the Lord Jesus, like a king in great majesty, looking down upon our earth with great severity; but because of His Mother’s intercession, He prolonged the time of His mercy… I do not want to punish aching mankind, but I desire to heal it, pressing it to My Merciful Heart. I use punishment when they themselves force Me to do so; My hand is reluctant to take hold of the sword of justice. Before the Day of Justice, I am sending the Day of Mercy… I am prolonging the time of mercy for the sake of [sinners]. But woe to them if they do not recognize this time of My visitation…
—Jesus to St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, n. 126I, 1588, 1160


AS the first light of dawn passed through my window this morning, I found myself borrowing St. Faustina’s prayer: “O my Jesus, speak to souls Yourself, because my words are insignificant.”[1] This is a difficult subject but one we cannot avoid without doing damage to the entire message of the Gospels and Sacred Tradition. I will draw from dozens of my writings to give a brief summary of the nearing Day of Justice. I am posting this now so you have the weekend to digest this message of warning and hope. 



Last week’s message on Divine Mercy is incomplete without its greater context: “Before the Day of Justice, I am sending the Day of Mercy…” [2] If we are presently living in a “time of mercy,” it implies that this “time” will come to an end. If we are living in a “Day of Mercy,” then it will have its vigil before the dawning of the “Day of Justice.” The fact that so many in the Church wish to ignore this aspect of St. Faustina’s message is a disservice to billions of souls. Just as Saturday evening Mass precedes Sunday—the “day of the Lord”—so too, the facts suggest that we have entered into the evening vigil of the Day of Mercy, the twilight of this era. As we watch the night of deception spread over the entire earth and the works of darkness multiply—abortiongenocidebeheadingsmass shootings, terrorist bombingspornographyhuman tradingchild sex ringsgender ideologysexually transmitted diseasesweapons of mass destructiontechnological tyrannyclerical abuseliturgical abusesunfettered capitalismthe “return” of Communismthe death of freedom of speechbrutal persecutionsJihadclimbing suicide rates, and the destruction of nature and the planet… is it not clear that it is we, not God, who are creating a planet of sorrows?

The Lord’s question: “What have you done?”, which Cain cannot escape, is addressed also to the people of today, to make them realize the extent and gravity of the attacks against life which continue to mark human history… Whoever attacks human life, in some way attacks God himself.—POPE JOHN PAUL II, Evangelium Vitae; n. 10

It is a night of our own making.

Today, everything is dark, difficult, but whatever the difficulties we are going through, there is only one Person who can come to our rescue. —Cardinal Robert Sarah, interview with Valeurs Actuelles, March 27th, 2019; cited in Inside the Vatican, April 2019, p. 11

This is God’s creation. This is His world! He has every right, after having expended all mercy toward us, to exercise justice. To blow the whistle. To say enough is enough. But He also respects the awesome and fearful gift of our “free will.” Hence,

Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. (Galatians 6:7)


God will send two punishments: one will be in the form of wars, revolutions, and other evilsit shall originate on earth [man reaping what he has sown]. The other will be sent from Heaven. —Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, Catholic Prophecy, P. 76

…let us not say that it is God who is punishing us in this way; on the contrary it is people themselves who are preparing their own punishment. In his kindness God warns us and calls us to the right path, while respecting the freedom he has given us; hence people are responsible. –Sr. Lucia, one of the Fatima visionaries, in a letter to the Holy Father, May 12th, 1982;

After 2000 years, the time has come for God to deal with those who willfully participate in the works of Satan and refuse to repent. This is why tears of blood and oil are streaming down icons and statues all over the world:

This is the verdict, that the light came into the world, but people preferred darkness to light, because their works were evil. (John 3:19)

This should wake us up from our desensitized state. This should make us take stock that the things we read in the daily news are not “normal.” These things, in fact, make the angels tremble when they see humanity not only repenting, but plunging headlong into them.

Determined is the day of justice, the day of divine wrath. The angels tremble before it. Speak to souls about this great mercy while it is still the time for [granting] mercy.  —Mother of God to St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, n. 635

Yes, I know, “judgment” is not the central message of the “Good News.” Jesus makes clear, over and over again to St. Faustina, that He has been extending this present “time of mercy” in human history so that even “the greatest sinner” [3] can turn back to Him. That even if a soul’s sins “be as scarlet,” He is ready to forgive all and heal one’s wounds. Even from the Old Testament, we know God’s heart toward the hardened sinner:

…though I say to the wicked that they shall die, if they turn away from sin and do what is just and right — returning pledges, restoring stolen goods, walking by statutes that bring life, doing nothing wrong — they shall surely live; they shall not die. (Ezekiel 33:14-15)

But Scripture is also clear of those who persist in sin:

If we sin deliberately after receiving knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains sacrifice for sins but a fearful prospect of judgment and a flaming fire that is going to consume the adversaries. (Heb 10:26)

This “fearful prospect” is why the angels tremble because this Day of Justice is approaching. As Jesus said in yesterday’s Gospel:

Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever disobeys the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God remains upon him. (John 3:36)

The Day of Justice is reserved for those who reject the love and mercy of God for the sake of pleasure, money, and power. But, and this is so important, it is also a day of blessing for the Church. What do I mean?



We are given the “big picture” from Our Lord as to what this Day of Justice is:

Speak to the world about My mercy; let all mankind recognize My unfathomable mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the Day of Justice. —Jesus to St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, n. 848

In the context of the “end times”, the Day of Justice is the same as what Tradition calls “the day of the Lord.” This is understood as the “day” when Jesus comes to “judge the living and the dead”, as we recite in our Creed.[4] While Evangelical Christians speak of this as a twenty-four day—literally, the last day on earth—the Early Church Fathers taught something entirely different based on the oral and written Tradition passed onto them:

Behold, the Day of the Lord shall be a thousand years. —Letter of Barnabas, The Fathers of the Church, Ch. 15

And again,

…this day of ours, which is bounded by the rising and the setting of the sun, is a representation of that great day to which the circuit of a thousand years affixes its limits. —Lactantius, Fathers of the Church: The Divine Institutes, Book VII,Chapter 14, Catholic Encyclopedia;

The “thousand years” they are referring to is in Chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation and also spoken of by St. Peter in his discourse on the day of judgment:

…with the Lord one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day. (2 Pet 3:8)

Essentially, the “thousand years” symbolizes an extended “period of peace” or what the Church Fathers called a “sabbath rest”. They saw the first four thousand years of human history before Christ, and then the two thousand years after leading up to the present day, as paralleling the “six days” of creation. On the seventh day, God rested. Thus, drawing upon St. Peter’s analogy, the Fathers saw…

…as if it were a fit thing that the saints should thus enjoy a kind of Sabbath-rest during that period, a holy leisure after the labors of six thousand years since man was created… (and) there should follow on the completion of six thousand years, as of six days, a kind of seventh-day Sabbath in the succeeding thousand years… And this opinion would not be objectionable, if it were believed that the joys of the saints, in that Sabbath, shall be spiritual, and consequent on the presence of God…—St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430 A.D.; Church Doctor), De Civitate Dei, Bk. XX, Ch. 7, Catholic University of America Press

And that is precisely what God has in store for the Church: a “spiritual” gift consequent upon a new outpouring of the Spirit of Jesus.

However, this rest will be impossible unless two things happen. First, Christ must come to put to an end to the ungodly global system of control and governance that is quickly corraling the entire world into its power (see The Great Corralling). This system is what St. John called “the beast.” Just as Our Lady, the “woman clothed in the sun and crowned with twelve stars” [5] is a personification of the Church, the “beast” will find its personification in the “son of perdition” or “Antichrist.” It is this “new world order” and “lawless one” whom Christ must destroy in order to inaugurate an “era of peace.”

The beast that rises up is the epitome of evil and falsehood, so that the full force of apostasy which it embodies can be cast into the fiery furnace.  —St. Irenaeus of Lyons, Church Father (140–202 A.D.); Adversus Haereses, 5, 29

This will begin the “seventh day” of creation to be followed by the “eighth” and eternalday, which is the end of the world.

…His Son will come and destroy the time of the lawless one and judge the godless, and change the sun and the moon and the stars—then He shall indeed rest on the seventh day… after giving rest to all things, I will make the beginning of the eighth day, that is, the beginning of another world. —Letter of Barnabas (70-79 A.D.), written by a second century Apostolic Father

This judgment of the Antichrist and his followers, a judgment “of the living”, is described as follows:

And then the lawless one will be revealed, and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of his mouth and destroy him by his appearing and his coming. (2 Thessalonians 2:8)

Yes, with a puff of his lips, Jesus will put an end to the arrogance of the world’s billionaires, banksters, and bosses who are unreservedly refashioning creation in their own image.

Fear God and give him glory, for his time has come to sit in judgment [upon]… Babylon the great [and]… anyone who worships the beast or its image, or accepts its mark on forehead or hand… Then I saw the heavens opened, and there was a white horse; its rider was called “Faithful and True.” He judges and wages war in righteousness… The beast was caught and with it the false prophet… The rest were killed by the sword that came out of the mouth of the one riding the horse… (Rev 14:7-10, 19:11, 20-21)

This was also prophesied by Isaiah who likewise foretold, in strikingly parallel language, a coming judgment followed by a period of peace.

He shall strike the ruthless with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips he shall slay the wicked. Justice shall be the band around his waist, and faithfulness a belt upon his hips. Then the wolf shall be a guest of the lamb… the earth shall be filled with knowledge of the LORD, as water covers the sea…. On that day, The Lord shall again take it in hand to reclaim the remnant of his people that is left… When your judgment dawns upon the earth, the world’s inhabitants learn justice. (Isaiah 11:4-11; 26:9)

This effectively ushers in, not the end of the world, but the dawn of the Day of the Lord when Christ will reign inHis saints after Satan is chained in the abyss for the rest of the Day or “thousand years” (cf. Rev 20:1-6 and The Resurrection of the Church).



So, it is not only a day of judgment, but a day of vindication of God’s Word. Indeed, Our Lady’s tears are not only sorrow for the unrepentant, but joy for the “triumph” that is coming.

For both Isaiah and St. John testify that, after a severe judgment, there is coming a new glory and beauty that God wishes to bestow upon the Church in the final stage of her earthly pilgrimage:

Nations shall behold your vindication, and all kings your glory; You shall be called by a new name pronounced by the mouth of the LORD… To the victor I shall give some of the hidden manna; I shall also give a white amulet upon which is inscribed a new name, which no one knows except the one who receives it. (Isaiah 62:1-2; Rev 2:17)

What is coming is essentially the fulfillment of the Pater Noster, the “Our Father” that we pray each day: “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” The coming of Christ’s Kingdom is synonymous with His will being done “as it is in heaven.” [6] I love the subtitle of Daniel O’Connor’s powerful new book on this subject:

Two Thousand Years Later, the Greatest Prayer Will Not Go Unanswered.

What Adam and Eve lost in the Garden—that is, the union of their wills with the Divine Will, which enabled their cooperation in the holy prodigies of creation—will be restored in the Church.

The gift of Living in the Divine Will restores to the redeemed the gift that prelapsarian Adam possessed and that generated divine light, life and sanctity in creation… —Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi,The Gift of Living in the Divine Will in the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta (Kindle Locations 3180-3182); NB. This work bears the Vatican University’s seals of approval as well as ecclesiastical approval

Jesus revealed to Servant of God Luisa Piccaretta His plan for the next era, this “seventh day”, this “sabbatth rest” or “noon” of the Day of the Lord:

I desire, therefore, that My children enter My Humanity and copy what the Soul of My Humanity did in the Divine Will… Rising above every creature, they will restore the rights of Creation— My own as well as those of creatures. They will bring all things to the prime origin of Creation and to the purpose for which Creation came to be… —Rev. Joseph. Iannuzzi, The Splendor of Creation: The Triumph of the Divine Will on Earth and the Era of Peace in the Writings of the Church Fathers, Doctors and Mystics (Kindle Location 240)

In essence, Jesus wishes that His own interior life become that of His Bride in order to make her “without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish.” [7] In today’s Gospel, we read that Christ’s interior life was essentially a communion with the Father in His Divine Will: “The Father who dwells in me is doing his works.” [8]

While perfection is reserved for Heaven, there is a certain liberation of creation, starting with man, that is part of God’s plan for the Era of Peace:

Thus is the full action of the original plan of the Creator delineated: a creation in which God and man, man and woman, humanity and nature are in harmony, in dialogue, in communion. This plan, upset by sin, was taken up in a more wondrous way by Christ, Who is carrying it out mysteriously but effectively in the present reality, in the expectation of bringing it to fulfillment… —POPE JOHN PAUL II, General Audience, February 14, 2001

So, when we speak of Christ coming at the dawn of the Day of the Lord after a purification of the earth, we are speaking of an interior coming of Christ’s Kingdom within individual souls that will manifest literally in a civilization of love that, for a time (a “thousand years”), will bring the witness and full scope of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Indeed, Jesus said, “this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, as a testimony to all nations; and then the end will come.” [9]

The Catholic Church, which is the kingdom of Christ on earth, [is] destined to be spread among all men and all nations… —POPE PIUS XI, Quas Primas, Encyclical, n. 12, Dec. 11th, 1925

The Church, which comprises the elect, is fittingly styled daybreak or dawn… It will be fully day for her when she shines with the perfect brilliance of interior light. —St. Gregory the Great, Pope;Liturgy of the Hours, Vol III, p. 308

The Catechism summarizes the gift of living in the Divine Will, with which the Church will be crowned, quite beautifully:

It would not be inconsistent with the truth to understand the words, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” to mean: “in the Church as in our Lord Jesus Christ himself”; or “in the Bride who has been betrothed, just as in the Bridegroom who has accomplished the will of the Father.” —Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 2827



This is why, when Jesus said to St. Faustina…

You will prepare the world for My final coming. —Jesus to St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, n. 429

…Pope Benedict clarified that this does not imply the imminent end of the world when Jesus will return to “judge the dead” (the twilight of the Day of the Lord) and establish a “new heavens and a new earth”, the “eighth day”—what is traditionally known as the “Second Coming.”

If one took this statement in a chronological sense, as an injunction to get ready, as it were, immediately for the Second Coming, it would be false. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Light of the World, A Conversation with Peter Seewald, p. 180-181

Rather, as you’ve read, there is much, much more to come, summarized here by the authors of the Catholic Encyclopedia:

The more noteworthy of the prophecies bearing upon “latter times” seem to have one common end, to announce great calamities impending over mankind, the triumph of the Church, and the renovation of the world. —Catholic Encyclopedia, Prophecy,

In the book The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of Future Life (a book St. Thérèse called “one of the greatest graces of my life”), author Fr. Charles Arminjon states:

…if we study but a moment the signs of the present time, the menacing symptoms of our political situation and revolutions, as well as the progress of civilization and the increasing advance of evil, corresponding to the progress of civiliation and the discoveries in the material order, we cannot fail to foresee the proximity of the coming of the man of sin, and of the days of desolation foretold by Christ.  The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life, Fr. Charles Arminjon (1824-1885), p. 58; Sophia Institute Press

However, the Antichrist is not the last word. The wicked who presently hold power are not the final word. The architects of this culture of death are not the final word. The persecutors who are driving Christianity into the ground are not the final word. No, Jesus Christ and His Word are the final word.  The fulfillment of the Our Father is the final word. The unity of all under one Shepherd is the final word.

Is it really credible that the day when all people will be united in this long-sought harmony will be the one when the heavens shall pass away with great violence — that the period when the Church Militant enters her fullness will coincide with that of the final catastrophe? Would Christ cause the Church to be born again, in all her glory and all the splendor of her beauty, only to dry up forthwith the springs of her youth and her inexhaustible fecundity?… The most authoritative view, and the one that appears to be most in harmony with Holy Scripture, is that, after the fall of the Antichrist, the Catholic Church will once again enter upon a period of prosperity and triumph. —Fr. Charles Arminjon, Ibid., p. 58, 57

This is indeed magisterial teaching:

“And they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold and one shepherd.” [John 10:16] May God… shortly bring to fulfillment His prophecy for transforming this consoling vision of the future into a present reality… It is God’s task to bring about this happy hour and to make it known to all… When it does arrive, it will turn out to be a solemn hour, one big with consequences not only for the restoration of the Kingdom of Christ, but for the pacification of… the world. We pray most fervently, and ask others likewise to pray for this much-desired pacification of society. —POPE PIUS XI, Ubi Arcani dei Consilioi “On the Peace of Christ in his Kingdom”, December 23, 1922

Now, I think my reader will understand what my role is… which unofficially began at World Youth day some seventeen years ago…

Dear young people, it is up to you to be the watchmen of the morning who announce the coming of the sun who is the Risen Christ! —POPE JOHN PAUL II, Message of the Holy Father to the Youth of the World, XVII World Youth Day, n. 3; (cf. Is 21:11-12)

…and the role of Our Lady:

It is Mary’s prerogative to be the Morning Star, which heralds in the sun… When she appears in the darkness, we know that He is close at hand. He is Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Behold He comes quickly, and His reward is with Him, to render to everyone according to his works. “Surely I come quickly. Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.” —Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman, Letter to the Rev. E. B. Pusey; “Difficulties of Anglicans”, Volume II

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus! 



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