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A great revolution is waiting for us. 
The crisis doesn’t only make us free to imagine other models, 
another future, another world. 
It obliges us to do so.
—former French President Nicolas Sarkozy
September 14th, 2009;; cf. The Guardian

…without the guidance of charity in truth, 
this global force could cause unprecedented damage 
and create new divisions within the human family… 
humanity runs new risks of enslavement and manipulation. 
—POPE BENEDICT XVI, Caritas in Veritate, n.33, 26

IT’S been a sobering week. It has become abundantly clear that the Great Reset is unstoppable as unelected bodies and officials begin the final phases of its implementation.[1] But that’s not really the source of a deep sadness. Rather, it is that we are seeing two camps forming, their positions hardening, and the division is getting ugly.

The Camps

The one camp has loyally formed itself around the narrative rolled out each day, every hour in the media. It is an apocalyptic scenario of “doom and gloom” such that there are only six years left to save the earth;[2] that the common cold and flu must now be treated like pandemics;[3] that humans are too many and the population unsustainable;[4] that oil and gas production must end and costly alternatives be adopted;[5] and that none of the above must be questioned — or you could kill someone by your selfish “hesitancy” and “denial.”

In the other camp are those warning that none of the aforementioned in this narrative is really about the environment, economics, health or politics but is a revolution to upend the entire present order and “build back better” — but without freedom as we know it, without privacy as we have it, without private property as you own it, without the autonomy of the family, and most of all, without God.

The latter camp is dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” and “deniers.”[6] The former camp are considered “brainwashed” and victims of a “mass formation psychosis” that bears the hallmarks of a cult.[7]

Parallel Worlds

The abyss between the two camps is growing daily. We are living the words of Jesus in an unprecedented way on a global scale: “one’s enemies will be those of his household.” [8] I recently read a tweet by Bishop Joseph Strickland in response to what an advisor to the World Economic Forum (WEF) stated: that “God is dead.”[9] The WEF, of course, is the United Nations arm that is commandeering this “Great Reset” — a neo-communist revolution to alter, not only the economy, private ownership,[10] and the basic fundamentals of freedom and privacy, but our very bodies.[11] Wrote Bishop Strickland:

Every believing Christian must denounce this evil vigorously. The voices of the World Economic Forum speak blasphemies against Almighty God Father, Son & Holy Spirit and must be denounced. We must resist them and their evil “great reset” at every turn. —November 27th, 2022;

That’s a pretty clear denunciation. To which a woman replied:

There are a lot of Religious issues that need to be addressed by the clergy…Hatred, Racism, anti-semitism, anti-LGBTQ etc. etc.. Economic & Political issues should be left to the concerned experts.

Here are Exhibit A and Exhibit B of the two camps emerging. One is “woke” while the other is truly awake.[12] This woman believes that the Great Reset is merely about “economic and political issues.” But Bishop Strickland warns that this is not only a social but primarily spiritual battle — the culmination of what eight popes in seventeen official documents recognized and condemned in the machinations of Freemasonry —[13] a global revolution that seeks to overturn the entire religious and political order. 

You are aware indeed, that the goal of this most iniquitous plot is to drive people to overthrow the entire order of human affairs and to draw them over to the wicked theories of this Socialism and Communism… —POPE PIUS IX, Nostis et Nobiscum, Encyclical, n. 18, December 8, 1849

Why do so many of us see this as clear as day, and yet others remain apparently oblivious? The answer is that…

…even Satan masquerades as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14)

Hence, we hear global leaders preach, without evidence, that carbon taxessynthetic meatvaccine passportslockdownsmasking, etc. are “for the common good.” We are told that we have to “do our part” and be a “team member.” Now, “God bless you” has been replaced with “Stay safe!”; the Eucharist has been eclipsed by vaccines (the “eighth sacrament”); and the value of a person is no longer based upon their inherent dignity (created in the image of God) but upon their “carbon footprint.” We are saving the planet. We are saving each other. We shall all be one. 

The propaganda that works is the propaganda that doesn’t seem to be propaganda. —Dr. Mark Crispin Miller, PhD, professor of studies in propaganda; America Freedom Alliance conference, August 3rd, 2022

It’s as if the two camps are living in parallel worlds. The one camp is happily accommodating the most draconian[14] and overreaching measures[15] ever seen in democracies since WWII; the other camp is horrified and fighting back.[16] The one camp continues to live their lives relatively undisturbed; the other has hundreds of thousands in their ranks who lost their jobs, tenures, social relationships and, in some places, were segregated from society as if it were 1960. 

I had another vision of the great tribulation… It seems to me that a concession was demanded from the clergy that could not be granted. I saw many older priests, especially one, who wept bitterly. A few younger ones were also weeping… It was as if people were splitting into two camps.  —Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774–1824); The Life and Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich; message from April 12th, 1820

God knows what that concession was, or whether it is symbolic of several. Perhaps it represents those priests forced by their bishops to be injected with an experimental gene therapy that was tested with fetal cells from an abortion. Or maybe it is a vision of those bishops censuring priests who do not support same-sex marriage and sodomy, as is now happening in Belgium and Germany. Or maybe it is a change to the Liturgy and the words of Consecration that will nullify the Mass… I don’t know. But what is clear is that we can already see a fracture forming beneath mankind:

The world is rapidly being divided into two camps, the comradeship of anti-Christ and the brotherhood of Christ. The lines between these two are being drawn. How long the battle will be we know not; whether swords will have to be unsheathed we know not; whether blood will have to be shed we know not; whether it will be an armed conflict we know not. But in a conflict between truth and darkness, truth cannot lose. —Venerable Bishop Fulton John Sheen, D.D. (1895-1979), televion series

And that is what has been so unsettling to me, that many people we love are dangerously in peril. If some so readily stuck out their arms to receive an experimental injection; if others so easily turned a blind eye to their neighbors who were being fired and marginalized for following the Church’s teaching that all vaccines must be “voluntary”;[17] and if they so quickly ignored the brilliant doctors, scientists, and nurses who were being cancelled for defending medical ethics… what will they do when their bellies are empty and there are food shortages, or their bank account is frozen until they get their next booster shot? Because this is coming at us like a freight train. (This is really building a case for the coming Warning, without which, many of the duped will be lost). 

In 1951, Solomon Asch conducted a landmark conformity experiment in which a naive subject would be placed in a room with other individuals who knew they were part of the experiment. The group would deliberately answer a question or problem with an obviously false solution. The unsuspecting individual, even though knowing the group’s answers were logically incorrect, would frequently go along with the others anyway. The more people involved in the experiment, the higher the wrong answer was given by the sole unwitting participant.[18] It was an unsettling demonstration of the power of social pressure. 

Today, that same experiment is taking place, only now on a global scale. It is the well-known propaganda technique coined “The Big Lie” used by Adolph Hitler during the Nazi regime. The premise is to use a lie so colossal, so obtuse, that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”[19] One example of the Big Lie in our times is the by-line used unflinchingly by nearly every news anchor and politician in the world: that the COVID injections are “safe and effective.” It doesn’t matter that a thousand peer-reviewed studies show this to be demonstrably false[20] or that millions of reports of injuries and many deaths have been logged.[21] You can put those studies or videos in front of people’s faces and they just stare at you blankly — or change the subject. It’s what’s known as cognitive dissonance, and we are seeing it now on a massive scale: 

There’s a mass psychosis. It’s akin to what happened in German society before and during World War II where normal, decent people were turned into aides and “just following orders” type of mentality that led to genocide. I see now that same paradigm happening. —the late Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD, August 14th, 2021; 35:53, Stew Peters Show

It’s a disturbia. It’s maybe a group neurosis. It is something that’s come over the minds of people all over the world. Whatever is going on is going on in the tiniest island in the Philippines and Indonesia, the smallest little village in Africa and South America. It’s all the same — it’s come over the entire world. —Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, August 14th, 2021; 40:44, Perspectives on the Pandemic, Episode 19

What the last year has really shocked me to the core about is that in the face of an invisible, apparently serious threat, rational discussion went out of the window… When we look back on the COVID era, I think it will be seen as other human responses to invisible threats in the past have been seen, as a time of mass hysteria.   —Dr. John Lee, Pathologist; Unlocked video; 41:00

Mass formation psychosis… this is like hypnosis… This is what happened to the German people.  —Dr. Robert Malone, MD, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology
 Kristi Leigh TV; 4:54

The post-Covid pseudo-medical order has not only destroyed the medical paradigm I faithfully practised as a medical doctor last year… it has inverted it. I do not recognize the government apocalypse in my medical reality. The breath-taking speed and ruthless efficiency with which the media-industrial complex have co-opted our medical wisdom, democracy and government to usher in this new medical order is a revolutionary act. —an anonymous U.K. physician known as “The Covid Physician”

The Final Revolution

This is why I say this global revolution is unstoppable, short of a divine intervention or perhaps a painful day of reckoning. All of this hit home recently when I read an excerpt from a speech in 1961 from the late Aldous Huxley[22] who predicted with pin-point accuracy the medical tyranny that is now enshrouding the entire earth. 

There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution. —Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961 (some attribute the speech to 1962 in Berkely, but the speech itself is not disputed)

His words are eery, not only for the present reality they mirror but because they echo a 2000-year-old vision. As I’ve noted elsewhere,[23]St John foresaw a global “beast” that would dominate the entire world through a handful of wealthy men. He writes:

…your merchants were the great men of the earth, all nations were led astray by your sorcery. (Rev 18:23; NAB version says “magic potion”)

The Greek word for “sorcery” or “magic potions” is φαρμακείᾳ (pharmakeia) — “the use of medicine, drugs or spells.” The word we use today for “medicines”, pharmaceuticals, comes from this. As we see, it is precisely Big Pharma — these massive billion-dollar pharmaceutical corporations — that appear to be holding the key to the future, to freedom. For of this beast, St. John says:

It forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the stamped image of the beast’s name or the number that stood for its name. (Rev 13:16-17)

In my next reflection, I’ll explain how this very system is about to be implemented upon the entire world…

Who can compare with the beast 
or who can fight against it?
(Revelation 13:4)

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