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SEVERAL Catholic churches were burned to the ground and dozens more vandalized last year in Canada as allegations surfaced that “mass graves” were discovered at former residential schools there. These were institutions, established by the Canadian government and run in part with the assistance of the Church, to “assimilate” indigenous peoples into Western society. The allegations of mass graves, as it turns out, have never been proven and further evidence suggests that they are patently false.[1] What is not untrue is that many individuals were separated by their families, forced to abandon their native tongue, and in some cases, abused by those running the schools. And thus, Francis has flown to Canada this week to issue an apology to the indigenous people who were wronged by members of the Church. 

A Tragic Irony

It’s a moment of deep self-reflection for both the Church and the country. But sadly, it is also a moment of deep self-deception. For while the Prime Minister and the Pope lament the injustices that took place, they are completely ignoring new injustices taking place right under their noses — and caused by them. And that is the continued segregation, persecution, and vilification of individuals who have decided against being forced to take an experimental gene therapy dubbed a “COVID vaccine”. The irony is absolutely stunning and tragic. How can Justin Trudeau, for example, even dare to suggest that the Pope’s apology doesn’t go far enough as he continues to wage a senseless war against fellow Canadians exercising their rightful bodily autonomy?

This week alone, I was contacted by a mother whose athletic son has been barred from Team Canada because he is not injected with a COVID jab that he does not need. The mother, keenly aware that athletic youth are being hospitalized and even dying from myocarditis in many places due to the jab,[2] refuses to put her son at risk when he has a 99.9973% chance of surviving the virus if he gets it. [3] The University of Toronto now says they will ban students from campus this Fall if they do not have at least two shots,[4] thereby destroying the dreams and opportunities of many young people. Another friend wrote this week saying he has been barred from his PhD program for refusing the jab. I have been contacted by nurses, doctors, pilots and many other professionals — all who have been fired for declaring that they will not participate in this experiment, which is still in human trials until at least late 2023.[5] In my own extended family, six have lost their jobs — from a design engineer to government worker to gas fitter to aircraft technician to IT technologist to school teacher; most of them are in their fifties and are now having to start over. And even though I have had COVID and have natural immunity, which according to numerous studies,[6] is robust and durable for years, I was kicked out of restaurants, barred from the theater, sporting events, and even from boarding a plane, train or bus to conduct business. Nothing like this has happened in this generation, evoking the dark spirits of the past of cultural cleansing, eugenics, and segregation.

Finally, tens of thousands of Canadians of all walks of life, religions, backgrounds and races raised their voices last winter to say enough is enough as they stood behind one of the world’s largest truck convoys to denounce forced injections and unscientific mandates.[7] In response, the very same Prime Minister who is pontificating about Church segregation and wrongs, himself slandered, vilified and used brute force against the peaceful and legal protesters — with the help of a conscienceless mainstream media — falsely calling them “extremists who don’t believe in science/progress and are very often misogynistic and racist.”[8] He went so far as to even freeze bank accounts (a move which drew international condemnation) of those who donated to help the truckers with food and fuel. 

Disgusting & divisive tone from @JustinTrudeau. I’m an Eastern European Jew. My family suffered from hate. I don’t fear or focus on a few idiots. #ISupportTheTruckers‘ right to peaceful protest+ability to earn living w/o taking medication. PM is spreading hate.— Roman Baber, lawyer (@Roman_Baber) January 31, 2022

And yet, this Prime Minister has the audacity to stand beside the Pope this week and call for reconciliation for the very kind of wounds he is personally responsible for creating anew. And while I applaud the Holy Father for a necessary apology, there is a gaping wound that one cannot overlook. And that is his very statement at the beginning of the “pandemic” that has now contributed in a large part to the ongoing medical persecution of Catholics, including clergy, all over the world:

I believe that morally everyone must take the vaccine. It is the moral choice because it is about your life but also the lives of others. I do not understand why some say that this could be a dangerous vaccine. If the doctors are presenting this to you as a thing that will go well and doesn’t have any special dangers, why not take it? There is a suicidal denialism that I would not know how to explain, but today, people must take the vaccine. —POPE FRANCIS, interview for Italy’s TG5 news program, January 19th, 2021;

That young athlete who wanted to join Team Canada? They ignored his plea for a religious exemption stating that “the Pope said you must take it.” This story has been repeated tens of thousands of times — and I have received the letters and tears of many who have been on the receiving end of this discrimination saying that the Pope’s words virtually ended their career, dashed their hopes and shattered their dreams. What makes this irony even more bitter is that the Pope’s own words actually contradict the Church’s official document which clearly states:

…practical reason makes evident that vaccination is not, as a rule, a moral obligation and that, therefore, it must be voluntary. — “Note on the morality of using some anti-Covid-19 vaccines”, n. 6;; cf. Not a Moral Obligation and Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops

New Wounds

Of course, we knew almost immediately that this was one of the most dangerous drug rollouts in history — at least those of who were following the science. In just the last two weeks alone, Europe has added another 58 thousand more reports of injuries by the jab to their database[9] for a total of over 4.6 million reportedly injured and nearly 47,000 deaths to date. Earlier this month, a Swedish study revealed that the Pfizer jab can indeed alter the human genome, meaning a change to one’s DNA and that of future generations. 

The Pfizer vaccine, in fact, reverse transcribes and installs DNA into the human genome… The finding that the code is found in the human somatic cell nucleus within a few hours of exposure opens up brand new revelations concerning permanent change, passage to progeny, and more.” —Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH; cf.

In the words of Christine Anderson, Member of the European Parliament:

This vaccine campaign — it will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history. And moreover, it will be known as the biggest crime ever committed on humanity. —posted on Twitter

Nonetheless, both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Pope have a direct hand in people being forced to choose between their careers or possibly damaging their health for a gene therapy that does not stop transmission of the virus, does not stop one from getting it, nor does it stop the injected from getting sick.[10] The new divisions this has caused in society, in families and relationships are devastating; the stigmatization of the “unvaccinated” is horrifying; and the persecution resulting in job losses, destitution and despair has only just begun as governments, on board with the “Great Reset”, are intent on forcing absolutely everyone, including babies,[11] to be injected henceforth. How ironic that, just as we forced children from their homes into residential schools, we are now forcing children into inoculation clinics, likewise, against their will and, already, to the harm and even death of many.[12]

The apology to the Indigenous, necessary as it is, not only rings hollow then, but is an indictment of those very leaders who have turned a blind eye to the new discriminations they have a direct hand in causing. It is conceivable that, in the future, another pope will apologize for the wounds caused by our present-day shepherds who have gone along with the greatest experiment ever undertaken upon mankind.

—Mark Mallett is a former award-winning journalist with CTV News Edmonton and is now an independent writer and webcaster. 

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