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YESTERDAY, I walked into a bottle depot with a mask not covering my nose. What ensued was disturbing: the militant women… the way I was treated like a walking bio-hazard… they refused to do business and threatened to call the police, even though I offered to stand outside and wait until they were done.A bit stunned, I proceeded to the grocery store and an older couple approached me. She began speaking to me in quiet tones: “Thank you for your Open Letter to the Bishops…” She went on to explain how her grandfather lived in Russia and warned his sisters that something insidious was coming… the signs were all there, “just like now”, she said. The grandfather fled to Canada, but his sisters thought he was crazy… and were never seen again after they were taken to a concentration camp. 

She told me how it’s true that the mayor of her town wants to ban all unvaxxed from every store, including groceries. And that now there are secret meetings being held on farms by community members to plan how to resist. We talked about how the government (of Saskatchewan) has created a snitch line on their website to report neighbours; how the Premiere is enlisting retired cops and security companies to enforce “mandates”; and how the province gave itself emergency powers to evacuate people, livestock, and property and enter homes without a warrant.[1]

Of course, Premiere Scott Moe mocks and dismisses as “conspiracy theory” anyone who is concerned with these disturbing and overreaching powers — all the while, and without any scientific basis whatsoever,[2] banning the unvaccinated from restaurants, gyms, liquor stores, and other ‘non-essential’ services (even though studies clearly show now that it is “vaccinated” who have become the “super-spreaders”.)[3]  Perhaps healthy citizens around the globe who are being fired from their jobs, left on the curb outside restaurants if not grocery stores,[4] and being threatened with massive fines for wanting to simply breathe fresh air…[5] are not without warrant to wonder if MTV’s (predictive?) programming several years ago wasn’t preparing yesterday’s teens for the round up of those “obstinate”, “dangerous” and “murderous unvaccinated”?[6]
Watch: “The Holocaust Happened to People Like Us: drove home feeling numb. Communism isn’t coming… it’s here. It doesn’t look like the USSR (yet)… this time, it has come in the name of “protecting your health” and saving the world from “global warming.” What better way to enslave humanity than for the “common good”? People don’t believe what I’ve been writing for 16 years.[7] They don’t believe the holocaust survivors who see the same signs happening again.[8] They don’t believe Our Lady, who predicted this all in 1917.[9] No, they don’t believe, even though the signs are all around them.[10] As the Virgin Mary said to Italian seer Gisella Cardia recently:…there is none more blind than he who does not want to see, and despite the signs of the times foretold, even those who have faith refuse to look at what is happening. —October 26th, 2021; countdowntothekingdom.comMany won’t believe of course, like always, until it’s too late.

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