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And then many will fall away,
and betray one another, and hate one another.
And many false prophets will arise
and lead many astray.
And because wickedness is multiplied,
most men’s love will grow cold.
(Matt 24:10-12)

LAST week, an interior vision that came to me before the Blessed Sacrament some sixteen years ago was burning on my heart again. And then, as I entered the weekend and read the latest headlines, I felt I should share it again as it may be more relevant than ever. First, a look at those remarkable headlines…  


In Ireland, the faithful were shocked to learn over the weekend in the Irish Catholic newspaper that the government there will consider it “an offence for a priest to leave his home to celebrate a public Mass unless this is a funeral or a wedding.” Of course, this means it would be a crime for the faithful to attend a Mass, even if they follow the same protocols that allow them into other public spaces. 

Then a screenshot of a Catholic Church’s website in New Jersey, USA shot around the globe this weekend of a new restriction put in place by the pastor:

“Confessions are Now Available for Those Who Are Vaccinated”

The idea that a priest would only hear the confessions of the vaccinated is not only a violation of Canon Law 843.1, but utterly contradicts the example of Jesus, the saints and many martyrs who were not afraid to touch the “unclean” — and who even gave their lives to bring the sacraments to those with disease and plague. For it is the disease of the soul that can lead to eternal death. 

A good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. (John 10:11)

Of course, this pastor is working from a flawed but widespread myth that the unvaccinated are somehow a threat to the “common good,” and thus putting “people’s lives in danger.”[1] For one, this presumption totally excludes those who have built natural immunity to a virus or who, for medical reasons, cannot receive a vaccine. Also, it ignores the fact that the vaccinated have actually been shown to still be carriers of a virus, such as has happened with the vaccine against mumps,[2] polio,[3] whooping cough,[4] and diptheria,[5] to name but a few.[6] In fact, not only do the current COVID-19 experimental mRNA vaccines not stop infection (they only reduce symptoms for some),[7] but several renowned virologists are warning that the vaccines may actually spark mass deaths by causing new variants that the vaccinated themselves will carry,[8] or cause unforeseen auto-immune reactions.[9]

By Monday morning, the bishop stepped in and put an end to this shocking policy as his Vicar General reiterated the Vatican’s recent document that vaccines cannot be considered a moral obligation.[10]  

Meanwhile, in the diocese of Kansas City, it is a different story. The diocesan website reads: 

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and encouraged by Bishop Johnston that particular sections of the parish church be designated for those persons who continue to prefer wearing a mask at this time as well as those who are not vaccinated. Another area is to be designated for the vaccinated and non-mask wearing section. —

This is liturgical apartheid — based, again, on the aforementioned faulty assumptions. It also contradicts the growing mountain of studies, for instance, that show masking of the healthy to be insignificant in reducing the transmission of the virus, and may actually be spreading it faster.[11] Hence, such incredibly divisive measures seem to be based on fear rather than facts. For those in America who remember the days of segregation, these guidelines from a Catholic Church, no less, must be appalling. Of course, for those who believe the daily misinformation of the mainstream media, they might find these guidelines reassuring. However, what happened to “follow the science”? 

Meanwhile, in a letter to his flock, one Californian bishop stated:

It is vitally important that all of us receive the Covid vaccine. The Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson vaccines are safe and effective. —Rev. Robert W. McElroy, Bishop of San Diego; letter

This while nearly 6000 deaths and over 200,000 injuries have been reported from the vaccines between the American[12] and European[13]adverse reporting systems, with estimates that this only comprises 1-10% of incidences actually reported.[14] Thus, such incredibly divisive edicts being issued by the hierarchy are far from being reassuring for many of the faithful who are apparently far more well read on the scientific data. But that hasn’t stopped major publications like the Jesuit’s America Magazine from headlines like this:

Churches should mandate vaccines for people coming back to Mass. —February 19th, 2021;

It is remarkable, even to some secular ethicists, that an experimental medical treatment like this can even remotely be considered a moral obligation. How is it, then, that several hierarchy have suddenly become the leading advocates for Big Pharma — at the cost of dividing and even excluding the faithful from the sacraments?  


Pope Benedict XVI issued a warning in 2009 that the powers driving globalization run the risk of creating new divisions in humanity if they remain unchecked.  

The principal new feature has been the explosion of worldwide interdependence, commonly known as globalization… without the guidance of charity in truth, this global force could cause unprecedented damage and create new divisions within the human family. —Caritas in Veritaten. 33

The crisis of this very hour could indeed be summarized as “charity without truth.” Hence, virtue-signalling has replaced science; censorship has displaced discussion; irrationality has neutered reason; fear has blinded the facts; and panic has dispensed with prudence. As such, new divisions, like cracks in the earth’s crust, are forming between families and communities, coworkers and schoolmates — if not nations, as the origins of the coronavirus continually point toward a bio-weapon developed at a Wuhan laboratory in China.[15] Sadly, many readers have already recounted to me personally the hostile reactions they’ve received both in public and private settings as the virus of fear has spread like a contagion. And this will only explode as several nations begin to implement “vaccine passports” that will make it impossible for one to travel, shop, and move about freely without one. 

Now you understand how St. John’s vision of a global “beast” that forces all to “buy and sell” with a “mark” is anything but far-fetched.

Years ago on one of my concert tours in the U.S., the Lord showed me various aspects of these times in a series of interior visions and words. For instance, whenever we passed through toll booths or border crossings, I sensed an intense spirit of control there, and that these would become future “checkpoints” to control population’s movements. Now, it’s becoming abundantly clearer how and why. 

But one word stands out from the rest at this time. It came to me during a week of prayer with a priest who had fled Hurricane Katrina, and who came to spend time with me, as his parish and rectory were decimated. We were sitting before the Blessed Sacrament in a small chapel at the base of the Canadian Rockies. Earlier in the day, while driving up that mountain, I had to stop our vehicle as a powerful vision came to me of pilgrims walking up the mountain with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Why, was not clear; but the sense was that they were seeking refuge. 

While before the Sacrament, I was given what I would call an interior locution (inaudible prophetic word). Perhaps we are now seeing the beginning of this vision, and how those who refuse to be coerced by the state may have to band together sooner than later. The kernel of the “word” was simply an infused understanding that “parallel communities” were going to emerge — those with access to resources, and those without. 

Vision of the Parallel Communities

(first published on September 14th, 2006 on the
Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross and eve of the
Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows)  

I saw that, in the midst of the virtual collapse of society due to cataclysmic events, a “world leader” would present an impeccable solution to the economic chaos. This solution would seemingly cure not only these economic strains, but the deep social need of society, that is, the need for community. I immediately perceived that technology and the rapid pace of life have created an environment of isolation and loneliness—perfect soil for a new concept of community to emerge. In essence, I saw what would be “parallel communities” to the Christian communities. The Christian communities would already have been established through “the illumination” or “Warning” or perhaps sooner (they would be cemented by the supernatural graces of the Holy Spirit, and protected beneath the mantle of the Blessed Mother.)

The “parallel communities,” on the other hand, would reflect many of the values of the Christian communities—fair sharing of resources, a form of spirituality and prayer, like-mindedness, and social interaction made possible (or forced into being) by the preceding purifications, which would compel people to draw together. The difference would be this: the parallel communities would be based on a new religious idealism, built on the footings of moral relativism and structured by New Age and Gnostic philosophies. AND, these communities would also have food and the means for comfortable survival.

The temptation for Christians to cross-over will be so great, that we will see families split, fathers turned against sons, daughters against mothers, families against families (cf. Mark 13:12). Many will be deceived because the new communities will contain many of the ideals of Christian community (cf. Acts 2:44-45), and yet, they will be empty, godless structures, shining in a false light, held together by fear more than by love, and fortified with easy access to the necessities of life. People will be seduced by the ideal—but swallowed by the falsehood. (Such will be the tactics of Satan, to mirror true Christian communities, and in this sense, create an anti-church).

As hunger and incrimination escalate, people will face a choice: they can continue to live in insecurity (humanly speaking) trusting in the Lord alone, or they can choose to eat well in a welcoming and seemingly secure community. (Perhaps a certain “mark” will be required to belong to these communities—an obvious but plausible speculation I deduced (cf. Rev 13:16-17)).

Those who refuse these parallel communities will be deemed not only outcasts, but obstacles to what many will be deceived into believing is the “enlightenment” of human existence—the solution to a humanity in crisis and gone astray. (And here again, terrorism is another key element of the enemy’s present plan. These new communities will appease the terrorists through this new world religion thereby bringing about a false “peace and security”, and hence, Christian’s will become the “new terrorists” because they oppose the “peace” established by the world leader.)

Even though people will have by now heard the revelation in Scripture regarding the dangers of a coming world religion (cf. Rev 13:13-15), the deception will be so convincing that many will believe Catholicism to be that “evil” world religion instead. Putting to death Christians will become a justifiable “act of self-defence” in the name of “peace and security”.

Confusion will be present; all will be tested; but the faithful remnant will prevail. —from The Trumpets of Warning – Part V


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