Fr. Dave via 4:00 PM (4 hours ago)
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SHARESIGN UPJuly 2020MESSAGE FROM FR. DAVEPeace.I trust this finds you well as we continue to navigate our way through uncharted territory. I pray every day that the Lord will bring an end to this pandemic. I also pray for all those who have experienced tremendous suffering over the last few months. I have friends who have lost loved ones and their pain and loss is so real, so close, we need to continue to lift them up the Lord and ask his blessing on them. While there have been many difficult things that have come about due to the pandemic, there also has been graces available. One of the primary aspects I have been reflecting on is that, once again, God comes to us. Often we live in a world where we go to God. We go to Mass, we go to prayer group, we go to bible study, we go to Wild Goose group, we go to feed the poor, we go to men’s group, we go… I think you get the point. But for the last several months we have not been able to go. We had to stop “going” and “doing” and just let God come to us. This is such an important element of our faith that we often forget about. We do so many things trying to get to God but we need to keep in mind that God wants to come to us. This is the grace and mystery of the Incarnation, that God took flesh, he entered the mess that is our world so that he may come to us. In Matthew we read, “Behold, the virgin shall be with child and bear a son and they shall name him Emmanuel,” which means, “God is with us.” (Mt. 1:23) God is with us and has always been with us. With the limited ability to “go out” we have been, we are, invited to let God come to us where ever we are. This is obviously a great work of the Holy Spirit. We are blessed that most churches have opened and we are once again able to go and receive Jesus and be present to him in the Blessed Sacrament. Let’s also keep in mind that the Holy Spirit is always available to us we don’t need to go anywhere, we just need to invite the Holy Spirit to be present to us. I particularly want to thank you for your prayer and your support over the last many months. Your financial support helps us to be able to continue the work of The Ministry of the Wild Goose and I am so grateful for this. I am thrilled at how well Metanoia has been received and how it has impacted so many people’s life. Many of you have reached out to us sharing how it was a great blessing to have Metanoia during the Covid crisis. That is exactly how we planned it… God takes care of us.Do know that you remain in my prayers as well as the prayers of The Ministry of the Wild Goose Team. The WG Team came together at the end of last month to begin the process of discernment asking what God wants of us next. Please pray that we are able to listen to what he is asking and that we may do whatever he asks of us.God Bless,
Fr. DaveUPCOMING EVENTSThursday, July 16 – 8pm EDT – Webinar with Dave VanVickle “Sacred Relics and Exorcism”You might remember Dave from The Wild Goose and Metanoia. He is presenting this and other webinars on Spiritual Warfare throughout the summer. Check out his calendar for the full schedule. July 17-18, 2020 – Steubenville Live, an interactive livestream event for teens and familiesRegister HereSunday, July 19 – 6:30pm EDT – Night of Hope with Fr. DaveRegister HereTHANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERSA special shout out to all of our monthly supporters at Wild Goose TV. Your monthly gift is tax deductible and provides the funding necessary for The Ministry of the Wild Goose to continue producing content. We have enjoyed sharing Metanoia with you and cannot wait to see what project the Holy Spirit leads us too next. SUPPORT THE MINISTRYSPREAD THE WORD!Forward this email to share The Ministry of the Wild Goosewith your family and friends!

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