DEAR brothers and sisters, since writing Under Siege in early August imploring your intercession and prayers, the trials and financial crises literally multiplied overnight. Those who know us have been left as breathless as us at the scope of inexplicable breakdowns, repairs, and costs as we try to cope with one trial after the next. It seems beyond the “normal” and more like an intense spiritual attack in order to not only discourage and dishearten us, but take every waking minute of my day trying to manage our lives and stay afloat. That’s why I have not written anything since then—I simply have not had time. I do have many thoughts and words I could write, and hope to, when the bottleneck begins to open up. My spiritual director has often said that God is permitting these kinds of trials in my life in order to help others when the “big” Storm hits.

And how close it is. To watch in real-time the collapse of Western civilization is a remarkable and stunning thing. The rapid abandonment of Christian principles, the nose dive into paganism, the disarray of the Catholic Church and the hierarchy, the utter corruption in economics and politics, the hedonism saturating the media, and the shocking embrace of socialist/communist ideology after a century of bloodshed of Marxist experimentation…. all of it, all of it, was predicted by Our Lady. But so too was her Triumph, and it is getting nearer every day, though we have much to suffer yet.

So no, I have not abandoned my readership! Nor, do we see, from the letters I’m receiving and even spontaneous donations, that you have abandoned us. Satan wants us to lose our faith. He wants us to believe that there is no God, that everything is random, that there is no hope—save taking matters into our own hands. But with tears in my eyes and with what breath I have left in my lungs, I declare again that Jesus is Lord. I declare again that “I believe” every tenet of the Apostle’s Creed and my Catholic Faith. And I renew my baptismal vows, particularly renouncing Satan and the glamour of sin, self-determination, and worldliness. We are living in that time prophesied by Ezekiel where the flock is shepherdless. But that does not mean we are without the Great Shepherd. To whom shall we go, Lord, You have the words of eternal life!

I am still praying for all of you, of course, and beg you to be patient a little bit more. Another week, maybe two, and I can begin to start writing again if God wills it….

Last, we are delighted to share with you a happy moment emerging from this summer of trials—the birth yesterday of our first grandson, Gabriel John Paul, to our daughter Nicole and her husband David:

In the meantime, here is a conference announcement. I will be speaking along with two other fine souls, John Labriola and Christine Watkins. Bishop Robert Barron will be saying the Saturday vigil Mass as well. I believe this is going to be a very, very powerful conference in order to equip those who are still clinging to the Barque of Peter:



October 18, 19, and 20, 2019

John Labriola

Christine Watkins

Mark Mallett 
Bishop Robert Barron

Saint Raphael’s Church Parish Center
5444 Hollister Ave
Santa Barbara,CA 93111

For more info, contact Cindy: 805-636-5950

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