Happy Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary!
The Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Dear friends in Christ,

There is something remarkable about the Solemnity of the Assumption.

In 2005 on this day, Lighthouse Catholic Media was consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Lighthouse Catholic Media went on to provide talks about the Faith to hundreds of thousands of Catholics, helping them rediscover and deepen their love for their faith. These are the famous “Lighthouse Talks” that you can find at the entrance of many parishes.

In 2005, on this same day, the Augustine Institute was consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Founded as a Graduate School of Theology, the Augustine Institute quickly branched out to become content creators, releasing well-known series such as FORGIVEN and PRESENCE, the Lectio Study series, and more.

And Our Lady definitely has had a hand in both of these stories.

In 2015, the Lighthouse Catholic Media and the Augustine Institute merged to form the Augustine Institute as we know it today, providing even more amazing content to those who are seeking to enter the Faith, learn more about it, or rediscover their faith. These initiatives have included FORMED.org, and many productions from our Studios team, as well as many books, among which is our new What Every Catholic Should Know series.

What a beautiful journey! We are very blessed to be able to follow Christ’s call to help in the New Evangelization in such a profound way. We consider ourselves very blessed.

All of this we attribute to the grace of God, and to the protection and guidance of our Blessed Mother. She has helped us reach millions of people around the world, enkindling in their souls a love for the Lord.

We also want to express an important “Thank You” to so many people for the generous financial help and hard work , and to you for supporting us in every way.

On this important solemnity, you all are in our prayers!

Please pray for us, too, as we all continue to follow Christ.

If you have a FORMED subscription through your parish or on your own, we encourage you to visit FORMED.org, search “Mary,” and learn something new about our Lady on her feast day today.

God Bless,

The Augustine Institute Team

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