When St. Francis went to Rome to get permission from Pope Innocent III to start his religious order, the Pope (the most powerful man in Europe at the time), took one look at Francis and said, “Get out of here. You’re crazy.”
Yes, he told St. Francis he was crazy.
But then, that night, Pope Innocent had a dream. In his dream, he saw the Lateran Palace—the headquarters of the Pope in those days (popes didn’t live at the Vatican yet)—shaking and about to fall down. And there was one poor man in his dream who was holding up the whole structure: that crazy fellow from Assisi he had just turned away.
Pope Innocent III immediately called Francis back and gave him everything he wanted—most importantly, permission to preach repentance to all the world.
What an incredible God we have.
Friends, be confident in Christ’s mercy and love.

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