Reflect: Christmas Day has passed, but the Christmas Octave has only just begun! That is one of the beautiful parts of our Catholic faith — Christmas is never just one day, but a whole season during which we can encounter God every day! This is good news for those of us who’s Christmas Day may have flown by in holiday chaos.
Sometimes it is hard to make time to enter into the mystery and beauty of Christ’s nativity, but during the octave of Christmas we have more opportunities to do just that! Take advantage of this season. Ask Jesus to be “born in a new way” in your life, and take time to encounter Him each day!

Share: If you’re not in the habit of celebrating the Christmas Octave, keep your decorations up and continue to wish others Merry Christmas! Find one way to share God’s love with someone each day during this week.

Pray: Jesus, please come into my heart and life in a new way this season. Thank You for coming to us.

From all of us at RedeemedOnline, we wish you and your families a very Blessed Christmas season! 

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