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Advent Day 22: I Am Your Beloved One
Reflect: Just as Jesus comes to Thomas in his doubts, He also desires to meet us in our doubts and confusion, in all of our mess. He left us Himself fully present in the Eucharist, so we might encounter Him physically present and not leave us abandoned.
We can adore Him and receive Him, and He enters the locked doors of our hearts to bring us peace. There are times in our life when we simply need Jesus to reveal Himself to us in a very real way. He knows this and wants to meet us in the mess of our doubts. Do not be afraid to encounter Him.

Share: Spend some time in a Church or Adoration today allowing yourself to simply be before Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, truly present in the Eucharist.

Pray: Pray the Litany of Trust in the morning and at night. Download it here.

God Bless,

Sr M. Isabella FSGM

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Today’s Daily Scripture Reflection  featuring Andy Lesnefsky can be found HERE.


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