Reflect: When was the last time you asked for help? Asking another for help – and especially turning to God for help – exposes our dependence. This can be a frightening realization in a world that fosters a spirit of independence. Yet it is precisely our dependence on God that disposes us to recognize everything as a gift of his grace.
Asking for help can also make us face our hidden motives: for example, am I unwilling to ask for help because I want to look competent or be commended for my own accomplishments? In all that we are asked to do, may we follow Saint Paul’s advice to the Colossians, “Whatever you do, do it from the heart, as for the Lord and not for others” (3:23).

Share: Next time you have a task or responsibility that you find overwhelming, ask someone for help. Then, as you begin your work suggest that you say a prayer together, placing it in God’s hands, trusting that God will give both of you all the strength you need to do what He is asking.

Pray: Pray the Litany of Trust in the morning and at night. Download it here.

God bless,

Sr. Bernadette Marie, OP

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