Reflect: We live in a world that wants to complete eradicate suffering because it sees no purpose or value. But as followers of Jesus, who himself suffered the torture of the passion and even death, we have the gift of a different perspective. The love that Jesus shows us is not only in the ultimate sacrifice and gift of his life that he
offers, but in the constancy of his remaining in suffering with us. He suffers when we suffer and when we recognize that and allow him to accompany us in the pain, it consoles his heart and our own as well. It doesn’t mean that suffering disappears or goes away, but his consolation is solace in the midst of it. I once heard the account of a group of women who were martyred while holding their babies and was asked to consider what the deepest reality was for the children. Was it that they were being put to death or that they were being held by their mothers? Because of their age, they likely didn’t understand what was going on, but the fact that they were being held was the reality about which they were most aware. In moments of suffering, let us allow ourselves to be with Jesus and held by the Father so that we would embrace suffering not as a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived and a means to deeper intimacy with the Lord.

Share: Reach out to someone you know that is suffering physically, emotionally, or spiritually, and simply be with them. Don’t try to solve their pain, but offer them companionship and compassion by the gift of presence.

Pray: Pray the Litany of Trust. Download it here.

God bless,

Sr. M. Karolyn

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