Reflect: Let’s be honest… we may sometimes struggle with a sneaking fear that “God loves me because He has to love me, and not because I am actually lovable or because He actually finds me delightful.” But God willed us for our own sake (CCC 356), choosing to make us in His image, a unique and unrepeatable reflection of His glory.
God is, as St. Catherine of Siena put it, “crazy-in-love with us”. Jesus, the Adorable One, took on human flesh to reveal to us our worth and lovableness. He freely chose to become human – to feel what we do, to experience what we experience, even to look like us – to save us from believing the lie that we are unlovable.

Share: Today, ask Jesus: “Lord, show me how you see me. Help me to believe that I am good, that I am lovable, that You delight in me.”

God Bless!

Sr. Marie Veritas

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