As a child, I loved getting the invitation to come over to one of my neighborhood friend’s house to play. I enjoyed spending time playing sports, riding bikes, and exploring the woods. When I was with friends and playing, life seemed full and exciting.
I believe that Jesus wants to give us this same invitation. “Come spend time with me. I am waiting for you. Experience the fullness of life.”

In the gift of the Eucharist, Jesus doesn’t only give himself entirely to us only to be consumed. He makes himself present in bread and wine that we might adore him. We have the opportunity to receive and adore him daily.

When a friend called with the invitation to play, I need permission as a child from my parents. Jesus is calling out to us and asking whether we will spend time with him. Who do you need to ask permission? You probably don’t need to ask anyone other than yourself. Can you make some time to encounter Jesus in the Eucharist this Easter season? Will you permit yourself to receive all that God might have for you at Mass and in prayer before the Eucharist?


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