BEFORE Easter, I published two writings addressed particularly to men: On Becoming a Real Man and The Hunted. There are hundreds of other writings here to help men and women to become authentic lights in the world. It is especially crucial that men start to become men again in this hour…

That said, I want to encourage my male readers to take the “RISE” challenge, which began yesterday. It’s a series of very short videos that, I have a hunch, are going to greatly bless you. I started it today with my sons (it’s not too late to start… and worth catching up, which only takes a few minutes).

The series is presented by Chris Stefanick & Bill Donaghy. It’s beautifully shot and powerfully communicated. It only costs $32US (I am not affiliated with this organization in any way). I just feel this is going to bless many of you in ways that you will not expect….

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