Advent #ShareJesus 12: What Healing Looks Like Today                  View this email in your browser
REFLECT – We are all in need of healing, one way or another. We live with the effects of original sin! Pope Benedict XVI called original sin the “destroyer of relationality” – all of our relationships have been affected and are in need of healing and mercy. Jesus, by taking on our human flesh and becoming one of us, living our human life from the first moment of His conception, has come to heal these broken and wounded relationships. He heals them by entering in. He bridges the gap that sin has caused between us and our heavenly Father. He gives us the grace we need to forgive ourselves and others, and love with all of our hearts. He continues His healing and saving work through His passion, death, and Resurrection, and dwells with us constantly through His presence in the Eucharist. But it all begins with the Incarnation. He takes on our weakness so we can approach Him with ours. Sometimes we can be afraid to trust, but He offers us His unconditional, personal, limitless love and desires to set us free.

SHARE – Is there a relationship in my life that Jesus wants to enter into, to offer His healing and mercy? Is there someone I believe He desires me to be reconciled with? Reach out to someone whom I know is struggling in some way to give them the hope and promise of the healing Jesus brings. Is there something I need to forgive myself for? Ask Jesus for the grace.

PRAY – We want to invite you to pray the Litany of Trust with us at the beginning and end of each day. Click here to download the litany.

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