Advent #ShareJesus 10: Beauty, God, and Me                                       View this email in your browser
REFLECT – What is true beauty? This Advent season is the perfect time to open up our hearts to the beauty we long for, a beauty that is eternal. The expectant Mary shows us how beauty is letting God inside of us, so that He can radiate out. Yet we too are invited to yes to God, and give Him permission to live within us and love through us.  How is God asking to be further ‘let in’ in my own life, so to bring to life the full radiance of His Beauty in a world desperate for love?

SHARE – Spending 5 minutes gazing upon your favorite image of Jesus, and let His gaze seep into your heart.
Say three little ‘yeses’ to Jesus today- whether being patient in a line, taking a few minutes to listen to a stressed friend, smile at others during your commute, affirming another’s love, etc

PRAY – We want to invite you to pray the Litany of Trust with us at the beginning and end of each day. Click here to download the litany.

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