REFLECT – In this world of constant communication and instant pleasures, why do more people feel so alone and isolated? There’s a desire in every human heart to be known, loved and cherished by another.

God desires to draw near to every human heart and whisper His love, tenderness and kindness. He is constantly revealing His love in the concrete realities of our life: the joy and delight of hearing someone’s laugh, the beauty of the autumn leaves — with its colors and vibrancy, the stillness after a fresh snowfall, a funny joke…  As we begin to notice all the seemingly small and personal ways God reveals His love and shares His kindness, it’s overwhelming.  Taking time each day to notice them and to thank Him, expands your heart and mind to see more of His love and experience the truth that you are BELOVED of God.

SHARE – Take 5 minutes every day to notice the ways in which God is revealing His Love and Kindness in the daily events of your life, and write them down.

PRAY – We want to invite you to pray the Litany of Trust with us at the beginning and end of each day. Click here to download the litany.

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