I found myself yesterday sitting in the hospital next to my mom. She was admitted this past Friday afternoon as her Assisted Living nursing staff had seen an increase in my mom’s confusion and change in mental status.  We have been through this several times before as she is susceptible to frequent UTI’s which can cause changes in her mental status, confusion, unable to speak without pauses and she experiences hallucinations.

In the past, the hallucinations have been things that made her smile or laugh, like children or animals but this time it was different. She would withdraw or jerk in reaction to something that frightened her. If you will she seemed tormented.  The CNA who was sitting with my mom when I arrived had informed me that my mom hadn’t slept at all during the night and that she was mentally and physically exhausted. You could tell just by looking at her that this time, things were different, this time, she might not come back to us.

I sat quietly next to her hospital bed and did the only thing I knew I could do. Pray.        I started with my usual morning prayers. I start many of my days like this in prayer. I always begin with “The Armour of God”, then “Prayer for the Virtue of Persistence”. The “Binding Prayer” which is really powerful and then Prayer to Archangel St. Raphael whose name means Medicine of God. If I have the Holy Healing Oil with me, I apply this to the person I’m praying over making the sign of the cross on their forehead. Next comes “Our Lady of Siluva” which comes from our sisters at the Immaculate Conception Retreat site in Putnam, CT.  A prayer to our Mother “Mary”, then our prayer to “Saint Joseph” from the Men of Saint Joseph (MOSJI). Next “Come Holy Spirit”, A prayer to “Jesus”, a prayer to Saint Philip from our Parish and I always end with the prayer to Archangel Saint Michael “Defend us in Battle”.

The moment I finished my prayers, my mom woke up, rolled over and tried to sit up and said to me  “Hi”  How long have you been here?  I explained that I have been there about forty-five minutes.  She looks at me and says “I was almost gone, I was afraid I would not come back”  She goes on further “It was amazing, to be there and yet come back here”.  She asked me what did I do and I reply, I was just sitting next to you saying my morning prayers.  She told me she feels so much better and was hungry.  Now she is talking to me in full sentences, does not seem to be hallucinating, no twitching or jerking movements.  Basically she was BACK.

Now I was at peace as I truly felt my mom had experienced the saving power of GOD. That Jesus and Mother Mary had come to her aid all from the power of Prayer.  God answers all of our prayers.  Sometimes he says Yes immediately, sometimes he says No, and sometimes he says No, not at this time because I have something better for you planned.

My mom was in deed better… but the real struggle for her is still there. The Dr. had called me later in the afternoon to tell us they see something in her chest X-ray that could be an infection or possibly pneumonia.  No matter what happens next…. Jesus – I trust in you!



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