This writing just hit me with a knock out punch.  As I have been asking my God to bring to my attention those sin I need to confess in my monthly confession… My prayer has been answered.


It’s easy to abstain from murder. But it’s difficult to avoid the angry outbursts that so are often aroused within us. It’s easy to avoid adultery. But it’s not so easy to be wholly and constantly pure in words, looks, thoughts, and deeds. It’s easy not to steal what belongs to someone else, difficult not to covet it; easy not to bear false witness in court, difficult to be perfectly truthful in everyday conversation; easy to refrain from getting drunk, difficult to be self-controlled in what we eat and drink; easy not to desire someone’s death, difficult never to desire anything contrary to his interests; easy to avoid open defamation of someone’s character, difficult to avoid all inward contempt of others.

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