The first words that grabbed my heart were:   It is necessary for us to undergo many hardships to enter the Kingdom of God. (Acts 14:22).  

Mark explians this in an awesome way.  “But in truth, right now, right where we are, contains the hidden path and treasure trove of grace to become a saint. And the more distasteful that is, the more efficacious a path it will be; the more the cross, the greater the resurrection”.

The Lord was indeed speaking to me when I read further. I needed to hear this today!

“The true path to holiness is the station of life you are presently in. For some of you, that may be lying in a bed, or being beside the bed of someone who needs your constant care. It is going back to your job with that difficult co-worker, irritable boss, or unjust situation. It is trudging through your studies, or cooking yet another meal, or doing the laundry. It is remaining faithful to your spouse, dealing with rebellious children, or attending Mass faithfully at your “dead” parish. Often, we find ourselves praying for the situation to change, and when it doesn’t, we wonder why God isn’t listening. But His answer is always expressed in the duty of the moment. That is His Will, and therefore, the path to holiness”.

What is the Lord putting on your heart today?

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